Emotional Stocking Stuffers: 2018 Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

We’ve taken a few of the most worrisome thoughts at holiday time and offer you tips on how to make your days merry and bright.

1) When he or she says: “You don’t have to get me anything,” you MUST ignore this comment. It is a set up. They may even mean it, but when everyone around them is opening gifts, you will look like a schmuck if you’re empty handed. Give a gift. Period.

2) If you’ve blown your budget this year, no worries. Just tap into a little creative resourcefulness: give coupons for chores, bake, detail your partner’s car (yourself), de-clutter for the clutter-maker you live with, organize old photographs/scan them for digital preservation. Make a small drawing of the gift recipient’s favorite spot, and frame it in a 5 x7 frame you already have. (You can place it over an old photo, or remove the photo.) You get the idea. This is a great idea for kids too.

3) Get rid of the Bah Humbugs on your list by:

  1. ignoring the behavior that doesn’t align with the spirit of the holidays.
  2. make something personal for that Scrooge that he/she will really appreciate. Do they have a favorite recipe? Consider writing a meaningful hand-written gratitude letter.
  3. Include that person, but continue with merrymaking for the rest of the group if he/she doesn’t want to join in on the family fun.

4) The #1 most important message for any family: gratitude for being together. Some have let anger and resentment get in the way. Our favorite line from our favorite Christmas movie, The Family Stone, in the facetious question to what makes their family so great, is: “We’re not great but we’re all we’ve got.” There are families who’ve lost loved ones. #begrateful

5) What if a loved one or friend is hospitalized?

  1. Instead of just bringing a poinsettia or baked goods, consider treating the hospital staff to goodies. In return, they will probably give extra care of your loved one in the wee hours of the morning.
  2. Leave handwritten notes for your loved one, that the nurses can give them each day/night.
  3. We’re never too old to be read aloud to, so bring a holiday book to read to your loved one…1 story for each day in the hospital. If you can’t be there, maybe a staff member can pitch in.
  4. If someone is musical, softly sing some favorite carols.

6) What to do about the first holiday without a loved one? This is tough. It’s on everyone’s mind but not on their lips. Stats show it’s unhealthy not to talk about him/her. Share beloved memories, upbeat stories, and times when you all laughed. Tears may still flow, but you’re still honoring that person in a lovely way.

7) Christmas letdown. Instead of turtle doves and drummers drumming, make the 12 days of Christmas (The 1 st day is December 25, and the 11 days follow) a fun and joyous time. You don’t have to hit the malls to return the ugly Christmas sweater. Plan an activity for each day. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Create a scavenger hunt. Adults and kids love them. Use the 12 Days of Christmas and replace the partridge with something else. It can be in your home, the neighborhood, or even in the city. People will love de-nogging their brains.
  2. If you de-trim before January 6, make it a game. For each tote or box your family members help to pack up, they get a small surprise. (Consider having a stash of Starbucks or itunes gift cards, or for kids, extra time on a gaming system.)
  3. Take the family to volunteer. There are loads of places that will welcome smiling faces.
  4. Stop in at a hospital, nursing home, or Humane Society and spend time with people or furry ones.
  5. Set your intentions and goals for the new year. Write them down. Create a vision board. Agree to commit to the goals you’ve set no matter what.
  6. Get out Monopoly or Clue. Set up an area for a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.
  7. Write a thank you note to each member of the family, even though they don’t expect you to say thank you again. Watch the person read your thank you note, and witness the physiological outcome on their faces. Their faces may flush; a reddish glow may spread from their neck, and their eyes may water. Probably will become one of their fav gifts ever.
  8. Save one gift for the day after. A sure way to stretch out holiday joy. If you can come up with 5 things from the list above, you’ll take the down out of letdown!

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