Feel good. Right Now. Today.


If you're feeling stuck, distant or scared in a personal or professional relationship... Don't worry, it's okay. We've been there and we're here for you. Sometimes life can get difficult and we all need some help from people who have been there before. We use the power of modern technology to reach out, talk, connect and support you and your relationships. The first step is always the hardest, which is why we offer a free, no-pressure 30-minute session to discuss where you are and how we can help.

What You Can Expect


It takes two clicks to begin working on a better you. First, you need to click to contact us. Then during our 30-minute free Skype session, we see if we click as a team.


Once you join us, we put the Expert in Relational Experts to work. We listen to where you're at, where you want to go and what's on your mind in a safe, open space.


After each session, we give clear next steps for you to improve and build on the previous week's progress. We're a team and we have your back while you go through this process.

What We Work On


Whether it's with family, loved ones, partners or friends, sometimes we just have a hard time getting on the same level. It's in these cases it can be incredibly helpful to have a coach to walk you through next steps and how to get through it. We work with you as a team to assess, repair and improve relationships not just with others, but with yourself as well.


Sometimes relationships just simply break down. It can be incredibly sad and unfortunate, but it is a part of life. We're here to tell you that you're going to get through it. We both have had our share of difficult situations with loved ones and we can help guide, coach and support you during your difficult times.

What We Offer

When you decide to work with us, we know your time and emotions are incredibly valuable. Which is why we've developed specific services that we will use together during our sessions.


These 50-minute sessions are the backbone of helping coach you. We strive to create a comfortable environment in person, over the phone or through video chat where we can openly have a conversation and work together to coach you.


As amazing as our sessions are, sometimes life happens outside of the 50-minutes we talk. Which is why we have ASAP Calls. These are 30-minute calls you can make to us at any time for any reason for our coaching through any situation.


The tool that we're famously known for is the Emotional Clock®. This is a simple, but incredibly effective visual tool we use during our coaching sessions to simply and quickly find the emotional source of whatever it is that's troubling you.



Stuck in a rut (in your relationship or your job) because you’re not communicating?


Frustrated by misunderstanding conversations?

This technique allows you speak directly from your heart.

Our Counseling Packages

After our free 30-minute Skype session, we have three different packages we offer to best fit your needs.


One 50-minute coaching session 

One 20-minute ASAP call



Four 50-minute coaching sessions

Two 30-minute ASAP calls



10 coaching sessions (50 minutes)
3 "ASAP" Call (30-minutes)
Myers-Briggs MBTI Personality Assessment ($500 value)


Who We've Helped

Getting divorced felt like being punched in the stomach… Relational Experts helped keep me on track when I felt like I was sleepwalking through my life. I could not have gotten through my divorce as smoothly as possible without Poppy and Geoff.


Poppy and Geoff have their own, personal amazing story and it is clear from the start that they use that experience to instruct, guide, and encourage others in their own relationships.

Keith Quick
VP, Sarasota Family YMCA

Working with Poppy and Geoff taught me to how to become unstuck. I’d been afraid to talk openly to my wife of 26 years. Four years later, I now have a voice in my marriage, and it works for us.


I felt like my life was unraveling. Poppy and Geoff helped me to find balance with my husband who has substance-abuse issues. They gave me the tools to stop enabling the dependency with my spouse. With their guidance, I shifted to a person who set clear boundaries with both my spouse and my children.


When Poppy and Geoff joined mediation with our client, they created an effective team, working in tandem with the client’s attorney to provide the client the information, guidance, and emotional support that resulted in a constructive outcome for the parties.

Marcella L. Keck
J.D., Mediator, Accord Mediation

Who We Are

We're relationship counselors, Poppy and Geoff Spencer, M.S., CPC, licensed and specialty-certified coaches, speakers, podcast hosts, #1 best selling authors: Poppy as a Certified Myers Briggs practitioner and Psychology professor, parenting experts and "Millennial Translators" ( We have 5 Millennial kids). As a highly credentialed husband and wife team, we work to make you feel good right now. Our counseling work began during the writing of our story of lost and found love, and if you're interested, you can read it here.

With two unique perspectives, we’ve made it our life passion to help you understand communication in your relationships. Utilizing our groundbreaking proprietary communication tool, we help you to immediately identify and address your communication barriers and quickly open your mind. And heart.