Relationship experts Poppy and Geoff can teach you the heart-healthy communication skills to have healthy relationships.

We're Poppy and Geoff Spencer. We have made it our life's work to help couples and individuals learn healthy communication skills to bring about great happiness, success and love. Our breakout best-selling book, One Billion Seconds, grew from our personal story traversing love, loss and hope. We hope it will inspire YOU to see how love, passion and a life full of joy is not only possible, but truly attainable.

As certified counselors, speakers, podcast hosts, nationally syndicated writers, parenting experts, "Millennial Translators," and Certified Myers Briggs practitioner, we have made it our life's passion to guide people into healthy relationships.

Our work will help you bust through the barriers that stop you from living a healthy life. From vulnerability, to resilience, to compassionate communication and raising happy kids, we tackle it all. As a couple we have not only been through it all ourselves, but we have the credentials and experience to teach you how to create the life you most desire. 

Are you ready to really step into your light and thrive?

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One Billion Seconds is our love story, showing you how it's possible for true love to transcend time and bring two souls who are meant to be together forever.

Relationship Coaching


For those who need individual support, we  can guide you through your journey, beginning right now. Counseling is supportive, private and confidential. 

Poppy and Geoff Relationship Restaurant Weekly Podcast


The Relationship Restaurant podcast serves a "menu" of heart-healthy communication skills where guests share their insightful journeys and takeaways.