Hi, We're Poppy & Geoff

Our life’s work is teaching healthy communication skills to couples and individuals who want to create extraordinary lives.

Helping clients find the courage to end destructive relationships, face their challenges head-on and find a way back to love, is the core of our work.

A few places where Poppy & Geoff are featured...

Our Book

One Billion Seconds is our love story, showing you how it's possible for true love to transcend time and bring two souls who are meant to be together forever.

Our Counseling

For those who need individual support, we  can guide you through your journey, beginning right now. Counseling is supportive, private and confidential.

As certified counselors, speakers, podcast hosts, nationally syndicated writers, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediators, parenting experts, "Millennial Translators," and Certified Myers Briggs practitioners, we have made it our life's mission to guide people into healthy relationships.


Our weekly podcast is where we share our heart-healthy communication tips, insights, and stories. 

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Understand how your personality preferences set you up for love.


Learn how to actually embrace this 4-letter F word to immediately improve your relationships.


Discover how to distinguish and choose between empowerment and disempowerment.