Are You An Eggshell Walker?

Afraid to start a conversation because you know the other person will either lash out at you or shut down?


Reduced to a Roomate?

Has the person you’re with become reduced to a roommate?


Child Shut Down, Acting Out?

Has your child shut down or acted out because of the tension in the home?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, we imagine you’re looking to find relief.

In a totally non-judgmental place where you can feel safe to be vulnerable, our relationship coaching gives you the unique perspective from a wife and husband team to help you discuss deep-seated, unresolved challenges.

And we guide you, step by step, to find the courage to communicate your feelings.

With you in mind, we developed our trademarked communication tool, the Emotional Clock®.

We know that emotions can be highly charged. It’s difficult to sort through them, especially when children are impacted.


Our Packages

In our coaching sessions, we guide you to identify where you are on the Emotional Clock®, and help you find “your voice” to communicate the right words to take action—and bring relief to your struggle.

Our bold promise to you: We guarantee that you will find relief in just one session with us.


One 50-minute coaching session

One 20-minute ASAP call



Four 50-minute coaching sessions

Two 30-minute ASAP calls



Ten 50-minute coaching sessions
Three 30-minute ASAP calls
Free Myers-Briggs MBTI Personality Assessment ($500 value)



Working with Poppy and Geoff taught me to how to become unstuck. I’d been afraid to talk openly to my wife of 26 years. Four years later, I now have a voice in my marriage, and it works for us. - John, Vermont, 53

Getting divorced felt like being punched in the stomach… Relational Coaches helped keep me on track when I felt like I was sleepwalking through my life. I could not have gotten through my divorce as smoothly as possible without Poppy and Geoff. - Michelle, Chicago, 29

I felt like my life was unraveling. Poppy and Geoff helped me to find balance with my husband who has substance-abuse issues. They gave me the tools to stop enabling the dependency with my spouse. With their guidance, I shifted to a person who set clear boundaries with both my spouse and my children.- Hannah, California, 48

I think my ex is probably a Narcissist, I eventually realized, and our whole relationship was based on lies. I believed him when he said I was at fault for so many things. I discovered Poppy and Geoff, who immediately understood the toxic behavior of my ex. In our few joint counseling sessions with my ex, they helped me to understand the inappropriate behavior that I’d been hoodwinked into accepting. After that, I met with Poppy and Geoff by myself.

Poppy and Geoff helped me to the realization that I was not crazy, and they helped me clear the fog that I had allowed my ex to drape over me. 

They both not only helped me to see the reality of my marriage, they gave me the confidence to reach out to family and friends, and to not feel ashamed. With their guidance, I was able to get legal representation and felt enormous relief 6 months later when I divorced. 

While no one hopes for a divorce in a marriage, it was Poppy and Geoff who helped me to see that I was living in a Stockholm-like syndrome environment. I would highly recommend Poppy and Geoff (two minds and hearts) to help you get a very clear sense of where you are in your relationship and what steps you can take to stay in a healthy relationship or leave an unhealthy one. - Jackie, Michigan