Divorce & Breakup Coaching

One of the hardest decisions to make ever is: should you stay or go? We’ve not only been there, but have helped hundreds of people navigate this slippery slope.

From a non-judgmental and guilt-free place, and using our 3 favorite communication tools, we will be with you step-by-step as you walk this often unknown path. After a short time with us, you will have an informed and clear understanding if you should end it or mend it.

Many people on the brink of divorce find discomfort in the uncertainty of not knowing what happens next. Indecision is often painful. We will help you understand the decisions that lie ahead of you, how those choices will affect you, your loved ones and if you have them, your kids. By thinking about a divorce before it happens, you have the opportunity to think clearly about the choices that are best for everyone involved, including yourself.

Deciding to stay or go is a very big deal. We can help you not only make a smart decision, but one that lines up with your highest values so you live your life in the future without regret.

Before we begin our divorce and relationship counseling with clients, we like to ask clients a few meaningful questions:

  1. Have you ever conveyed to your spouse the pain you're feeling in your heart right now?
  2. Are you aware of your partner's Myers Brigg's preference or their primary love language? Knowing both of these will ensure that when you communicate your feelings that you're most likely to be heard with warmth and not defensiveness.
  3. Does your spouse feel the same way about your marriage? Have you ever explored a divorce plan or separation agreement? Is the worry about how your divorce could affect your children, property, or responsibilities keeping you stuck in an unhappy situation?
  4. At what point will you truly feel like "enough is enough"?
  5. How important is it to you that you try everything humanly possible to make your marriage work?

As you explore your responses to these questions, ask yourself why you're continuing to suffer without answers?

Counseling in the safety of our practice will allow you to explore whatever the best next step is for you and your marriage, even if your spouse refuses to join you. Sometimes private exploration around what a happier life would look like is enough to open the doors of your mind to solutions you never imagined possible. It is true that one person can change a marriage if that's what you truly want for your life.

The question of, "Should I stay or go" is incredibly important. Don't allow the fears inside of you to stop you from being brave and exploring the next phase of your life. Everyone will be happy that you did.

With you and countless other client's in mind, we developed our trademarked communication tool the Emotional Clock®. We know that emotions can be highly charged and often it’s difficult to sort through them, especially when children are involved.

By using this tool, and counseling itself, you will find the clarity and peace of mind you have been looking for.

Our Packages

In our coaching sessions, we guide you to identify where you are on the Emotional Clock®, and help you find “your voice” to communicate the right words to take action—and bring relief to your struggle.

Our bold promise to you: We guarantee that you will find relief in just one session with us.


One 50-minute coaching session

One 20-minute ASAP call



Four 50-minute coaching sessions

Two 30-minute ASAP calls



Ten 50-minute coaching sessions
Three 30-minute ASAP calls
Free Myers-Briggs MBTI Personality Assessment ($500 value)


"Working with Poppy and Geoff taught me to how to become unstuck. I’d been afraid to talk openly to my wife of 26 years. Four years later, I now have a voice in my marriage, and it works for us."

John-Vermont, 53

"Getting divorced felt like being punched in the stomach… Relational Coaches helped keep me on track when I felt like I was sleepwalking through my life. I could not have gotten through my divorce as smoothly as possible without Poppy and Geoff."

Michelle-Chicago, 29

I felt like my life was unraveling. Poppy and Geoff helped me to find balance with my husband who has substance-abuse issues. They gave me the tools to stop enabling the dependency with my spouse. With their guidance, I shifted to a person who set clear boundaries with both my spouse and my children.

Hannah-California, 48