Relationship Counseling

Relationships are not always easy. It's common for couples to have times of doubt, confusion or even uncertainty about the future. This is a time when relationship counseling can truly help.

Maybe, you and your partner want to have fun, try new things and build a stronger relationship together, but aren't sure how to do it. Maybe you're filled with doubt about the future, and worried if your relationship can make it through the tough times you're going through right now.

Perhaps the past is bothering you. Maybe you're stuck worrying about bad things happening again like an affair or a time of deep disconnection and pain.

Or maybe you're ready to say goodbye and want to have an amicable, loving ending so you can move on with your life. Maybe you have kids and you really don't want to hurt them in the process.

Can you two survive? We're here to tell you that with some hard work, the odds are stacked in your favor. We have helped many couples on the brink of divorce create a more loving partnership than they ever imagined possible.

And maybe it's time to part. We can help you there too. The saying, "good endings make for good beginnings" is absolutely true.

Whatever your situation, if you're willing to do the work, you can create the life you desire. Whatever your circumstances, you're not alone. We can help.

Before starting relationship counseling together, we Would like to ask You a few meaningful questions:

  1. Do you feel lost, stuck or don't know what you can do to make your relationship better?
  2. Are you afraid to talk to your partner out of fear that they will either lash out at you or shut down?
  3. Do you feel like you have tried everything you can do on your own and it's still not working?
  4. Are you at your wits end but really wish you could avoid breaking up or getting divorced?
  5. Have you heard that "you're crazy" or that "it's all in your head"? 
  6. Are you afraid to even consider leaving your relationship out of fears around money, kids, property, social position, lifestyle, religious beliefs and more?
  7. Is this your last shot before giving up for good?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, we know you’re looking for relief and relationship counseling with us can help you.

In a safe place where you can be vulnerable, honest and authentic, our relationship counseling will give you the unique perspective from a husband and wife team to help you discuss deep-seated, unresolved challenges. And, we teach you how to communicate your feelings, when it feels too scary to do that on your own.

After years of research, we developed our trademarked communication tool, the Emotional Clock®. This tool will allow you to immediately identify and address the challenges, feelings and pain that are at the root of your conflict. We know that emotions can be highly charged. It’s difficult to sort through them, especially when you're worried your relationship is at risk.

Our Consultation Packages

In our counseling sessions, we work together, step-by-step, to support you—and reassure you—as you address the fears, rocky waters, and challenges you face. Together, we will identify where you are on the Emotional Clock®, and help you find “your voice” to communicate the right words and stability so you can take action and bring relief to your struggle.

Our BOLD Promise To You: 

We guarantee that you will find relief in just one session.


Four 50-minute coaching sessions

One 30-minute ASAP call

​Ideal for clients who have clear goals and need guidance on implementation + tips on what to avoid.


Eight 50-minute coaching sessions

Two 30-minute ASAP calls

Ideal for clients who a sense of where they want their relationship to go, but are struggling to make decisions and unsure of what steps to take to bring relief to their situation.


Ten 50-minute coaching sessions

Three 30-minute ASAP calls

Myers-Briggs MBTI Personality Assessment ($500 value)

Ideal for clients who are in deep pain over their relationship and want to explore all options to understand what will bring about the greatest happiness for everyone involved, including themselves.

Bonus Myers Briggs MBTI Personality Assessment helps to shed light on what's changeable in a relationship vs. what's set in stone.

Working with Poppy and Geoff taught me to how to become unstuck. I’d been afraid to talk openly to my wife of 26 years. Four years later, I now have a voice in my marriage, and it works for us.

Vermont, 53

Getting divorced felt like being punched in the stomach… Poppy and Geoff helped keep me on track when I felt like I was sleepwalking through my life. I could not have gotten through my divorce as smoothly as possible without Poppy and Geoff.

Chicago, 29

I felt like my life was unraveling. Poppy and Geoff helped me to find balance with my husband who has substance-abuse issues. They gave me the tools to stop enabling the dependency with my spouse. With their guidance, I shifted to a person who set clear boundaries with both my spouse and my children.

California, 48

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