Family & Blended Family Coaching

Keeping the spark alive with a growing family or blended family is not always easy. Stress levels are sure to rise. Add in any one of today’s parenting challenges such as a child with a behavioral or eating disorder and you may feel completely overwhelmed and uncertain how best to handle the situation

Maybe your family now has siblings who are half and/or step? Can everyone in your family ever get along?

Blending families has all sorts of challenges, and yes we’ve navigated it all. If you're stressed or feeling like the conflict in your home is too much to manage, you don't have to suffer. We have firsthand experience with these types of obstacles and will listen and co-create solutions customized for you and your family.

Before we Begin Family or Blended Family Counseling, we like to Ask A few questions:

  1. How often do you actually experience peace in your family? Has it always been this way or was there a time when everyone got along?
  2. What changed? Is it the new marriage, growing pains or has something new happened?
  3. How does the family handled conflict? Do you have family meetings or other ways for kids and adults to air grievances?
  4. How do the biological parents influence the harmony in your blended family?
  5. How's your marriage? Are the kids building a rift between you?
  6. Do you witness your kids or step kids shutting down, escaping, hiding out or isolating because of tension in the home?
  7. Finally, do you treat the kids the same or are there separate rules for different kids causing feelings of "preferential treatment" and resentment?

                    If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, we imagine you’re looking to find answers to relieve this stress and tension.​

We help families learn how to navigate normal and predictable challenges within a blended family. In our counseling, we use customized scripts and talking prompts to help you have the "right words" to say in the most stressful moments. This will give you the tools to reduce tension and de-escallate challenges before they become full blown eruptions.

We also help couples insulate their marriage against the wear and tear of parenting. Your marriage is the rock your life is built on, and we will support you so that whatever your kids bring your way, you two will have the foundation and the skills to weather any storm together.

In our counseling we will use our trademarked communication tool, the Emotional Clock® to help you see when you're at a breaking point so you can refocus your energy and avoid unnecessary conflict and pain.

We know that emotions can be highly charged and it’s difficult to sort through them, especially when children are impacted.

Let us help you thrive as a blended family. We've done it ourselves and know first hand that marriage and kids (step kids and half-siblings) can flourish in harmony under one roof.

Our Packages

In our coaching sessions, we guide you to identify where you are on the Emotional Clock®, and help you find “your voice” to communicate the right words to take action—and bring relief to your struggle.

Our bold promise to you: We guarantee that you will find relief in just one session with us.


One 50-minute coaching session

One 20-minute ASAP call



Four 50-minute coaching sessions

Two 30-minute ASAP calls



Ten 50-minute coaching sessions
Three 30-minute ASAP calls
Free Myers-Briggs MBTI Personality Assessment ($500 value)


"Working with Poppy and Geoff taught me to how to become unstuck. I’d been afraid to talk openly to my wife of 26 years. Four years later, I now have a voice in my marriage, and it works for us."

John-Vermont, 53

"Getting divorced felt like being punched in the stomach… Relational Coaches helped keep me on track when I felt like I was sleepwalking through my life. I could not have gotten through my divorce as smoothly as possible without Poppy and Geoff."

Michelle-Chicago, 29

I felt like my life was unraveling. Poppy and Geoff helped me to find balance with my husband who has substance-abuse issues. They gave me the tools to stop enabling the dependency with my spouse. With their guidance, I shifted to a person who set clear boundaries with both my spouse and my children.

Hannah-California, 48