Learn your Myers Briggs style and how you can ´╗┐optimize´╗┐ your relationships with that information

We all want better relationships in our lives.  In fact, positive social connections help us to live longer and with greater happiness! The Myers Briggs test is a key ingredient to creating better relationships.

Take the Myers Briggs test to discover your animal personality.
  • Discover how the Myers Briggs personality works, including interactions between team members and family members
  • Learn your Myers Briggs animal and how your custom animal species can get along best with others in the Myers Briggs animal kingdom!
It was so immediately helpful when I learned my partner's Myers Briggs preferences. It totally changed the way I approached all of our conversations especially the challenging ones. ~Lucy in Chicago

How To Know If The Myers Briggs Test Will Help Your Relationships

  • Do you struggle with someone who has a difficult time making decisions? If so, the Myers Briggs test is for you.
  • Does someone you care about constantly analyze every situation? The Myers Briggs test will open the door for you to understand why they think the way they do and how to communicate more effectively with them.
  • Is your partner leery about social engagement in various environments? And you are outgoing and can't wait to go to the next party? Then by knowing your Myers Briggs animals you can begin bridging that social fulfillment gap.
  • Do you think your partner is too emotional and overly sensitive? This training video can help you begin to develop your emotional skills so you can more easily relate with them.
  • Do you feel your boss or co-worker doesn't get you? This assessment will help you recognize the steps you can take to help them understand you.
  • Is your child struggling in school? Knowing their Myers Briggs animal will help you understand how they take in information so you can help them be more successful in all areas of their life.