The Relationship Restaurant ™ is an entertaining and educational podcast to help people overcome barriers in communication and immediately discover actionable steps to flourish in all personal and professional relationships.

Based on our extensive research in psychology, our expert guests, and working with hundreds of people, our podcast menu serves heart-healthy communication tips and inspirations that you can implement in your relationships right away.

The Relationship Restaurant™ is a metaphor for a safe and figurative place to examine and nourish all aspects of a person’s intrapersonal life: intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual.


With many guest experts on this live radio show, relationship topics include:

  • Millennials in the workplace
  • community engagement
  • marketplace relationships
  • multigenerational workplaces
  • family relationships
  • the sandwich generation
  • how to productively talk about money with your partner,
  • how to successfully communicate about a difficult topic,
  • blended families,
  • and many more personal and professional communication tips for you to have heart-healthy relationships.