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Our Most Popular Episodes

E030 – The 5 Love Languages® With International Honored Guest and Author, Dr. Gary Chapman

In Podcast #030 of the Relationship Restaurant, we sat down with the world-renowned Dr. Gary Chapman to get the nuts and bolts of how The 5 Love Languages, his #1 bestselling book for more than 25 years, transforms marriages and relationships. Dr. Chapman is syndicated on more than 400 radio show programs and is an…

E064 – Should You Stay in an Unhappy Marriage?

In Episode #64 of the Relationship Restaurant, we explore the motivations and values that couples have and how those values influence their decision making and relationship.

E035 – The Myers Briggs is Your Pathway to Confidence, Clarity and Communication in Your Relationships

We interview our guest, Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson, from CPP – The Myers Briggs Company, about how understanding, and applying, the Myers Briggs Type Instrument can immediately improve the quality of communication in all of your relationships.  

E036 – Attorney Morghan Richardson, ESQ. Shares The #1 Ingredient Essential During any Divorce, And It’s Not What You Think

Our guest, Divorce Attorney, Morghan Richardson, Debunks Divorce Myths and Tells You the Real (Legal) Deal if You’re Contemplating Divorce.  

E033 – What Do Brides, Soulmates and Monks Have in Common? Listen to What Our Guest, Rani St. Pucchi Shares

Our guest, Rani St. Pucchi, is a celebrity and couture bridal designer, speaker and bestselling author, who shares her insights to help guide brides; what makes a soulmate, and her journey at a Buddhist Monastery to find this #1 thing we all need in our relationships in order to be fulfilled.  

E065 – Why You Definitely Need a “User Manual” For Your Relationship

In Podcast #65, we reached out to Norway’s Norselab’s Senior Partner and Minister of Culture, Ivar Kroghrud, to dive into his inspired topic of leadership in all relationships, and how a User Manual in any relationship is an essential element to powerfully understand and interact with one another.

E073: Internationally Acclaimed Attorney, Randall Kessler’s Advice to Divorced Co-Parents During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Special guest, Randy Kessler, shares the 1 thing that co-parents can do right now for the well-being of the children. A Family Law Attorney, Kessler shares his recommendations for how divorced parents should address timesharing schedules and child support when both have been highly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us to learn more about…