Advance Course Guide: Break Down the Walls of Communication


4 Week Advanced Course: Break Down the Walls of Communication



In this 4-week advanced course, we will teach you how to:

  • Resolve conflict with your partner to improve the line of communication from the dinner table to the bedroom.
  • Understand how to show and receive love in the way your partner is most likely to respond to (positive AND negatively).
  • Avoid allowing minor arguments to escalate into full-blown fights by learning to see the signs that you (or your partner) are hitting the wall and in need of a break.
  • Finally, we teach you the skills to practice positive communication when you’re in neutral space so you can prevent conflict before it happens.

Even if you have already made the decision to end your relationship, these skills are the backbone of how to create a successful dissolution to your relationship. By learning how to communicate effectively with your partner, whether you stay or go, you will achieve the greatest harmony for your future when you eliminate distracting arguments and fights.

Are you ready to learn how to prevent unnecessary arguing, conflict and stress and get back (maybe for the first time) to a healthy loving communication with your beloved?

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