How a Fun Holiday Movie Can Help You Improve Relationships this Holiday Season

Copy of E019 Family Stone

Are you looking for a great holiday movie that provides entertainment along with some insight and education?

The Family Stone is a holiday microcosm of human emotions,  and it compelled us to dig deep into our relationships.

We were so inspired by this movie and its messages that we dedicated a podcast episode to discussing the lessons we can all take away for better relationships this holiday season.

To listen in, use the player below:

Here is a recap of the five takeaways:

1)    Write down 5 of your favorite things you enjoy doing…in fact have all members of the family do it. This can be looking at lights. Watching movies. Going to church. Preparing certain foods. Ornament exchange. Decorating. Christmas carols/music.

2)    Send out Christmas cards; snail mail is better than digital. Most people like this tradition.

3)    Take photos of all holiday decorations in your home and save the images in a folder marked Christmas 2017 on a hard drive, so you’ll know where to put things the next year.

4)    Take time each night during this season to say and write down one thing for which you are grateful. Save all the gratitudes and pack them up with your Holiday decorations for next year.

5)    Letting things go; this is a really wonderful thing to do. Tis the season for people to be overwhelmed, and exhausted, sometimes even ill. Someone might be testy or another will say something snarky. Don’t engage with the comment. Don’t rise to provocation. Usually it is someone who want attention; someone’s desire to connect with you, so redirect and connect with that person on a more meaningful and genuine level.

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