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What if your boss is like Miranda Priestly?

As “Millennial Translators,” we are often asked to help the 23-34-year-old with social graces, as well as, how to manage their own negative thoughts and emotions. Many in this demographic, the trailblazers of “participation winners” have not practiced resolving conflict. Nor have they learned to set appropriate boundaries. We sat…

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Why You Should Let your College Student Get Burned this Summer

As the first day of summer rolls in, parents and college students or first-time college-bound students are apt to have very different ideas of how these few languid months will be spent. College students, whether they are 18, or returning to live at home for a few months, often face…

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5 Ways to Validate Every Day, Not Only on Valentine’s Day

This week on our podcast series Your Healthy Heart (listen now), we shared with listeners 5 ways in which they could make every day feel like Valentine’s Day. And we’re not talking about the stress and dread that comes with picked over flowers, Godiva’s, and cards. We’re talking about the positive aspects…

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Expect Expectations. Please. Hearts Depend On It.

It’s that holiday. Again. Feel like it was just here? If you didn’t take advantage of our December gift giving guide, no worries. We’re here to help. Valentine’s Day fills many with hope, excitement, love, and passion. And for some, especially men—dread. Here are 5 tips to be sure you…

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Survival Kit for the Family Gathering: 7 Tools to Prepare a Healthy Emotional Feast

By: Poppy and Geoff Spencer, Certified Relational Experts, Speakers, and Authors

Many have already queued up their embittered discussion points for the family gatherings—or worse—even cancelled their visit to join the family, based on political differences.

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